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About Projects

About Designated Projects

The Designated Project Program of the Head Office for Open Innovation Strategy enables large-scale industry-academia cooperation between organizations. By sharing a vision with the businesses, our creativity managers get deeply involved in the projects’ business strategies, provide direct support from commercialization to social implementation, and strategically drive the projects.

Support provided to Designated Projects

  • The creativity manager, who is a specialist in the field, provides hands-on support in the following areas:
    • Co-creation planning
    • Contract negotiation and conclusion
    • Strong IP consultation
    • Management and control of progress and deliverables of the joint research project
    • Entrepreneur support
  • Using a unique network, we can provide diverse and attractive matching opportunities for B-U-B relationships.
  • We provide support through effective resources (people, things, and money).

Life Sciences

Examples of Designated Projects

Drug Development Project

In cooperation with the Tohoku University Medicinal Hub, Tohoku University and companies bring IP and technology to the table, combine their capabilities, and create new drugs and other innovative solutions in the field of medicine.

Diabetic Nephropathy Project

Approximately 10 million people have diabetes in Japan. Diabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes that requires dialysis in severe cases and accounts for about 40 percent of new dialysis patients. The objective of this project is to achieve social implementation of the following research outcomes with the goal of preventing severe cases.

Materials Science

Examples of Designated Projects

Electrode Wiring Material Innovation Project

We aim to resolve the bottleneck of the Post-Moore Era for silicon LSIs by developing new materials for next generation multilayer wiring (barrier-free wiring materials) and new barrier materials (barrier-layer alloys), with the ultimate goal of realizing the LSI of the Post-Moore Era.

Innovative PREP Equipment Technology Project

There is an emerging need to be ready for digital manufacturing (CPCAM/metal 3D printing), which combines the cyber and physical worlds. R&D will be conducted on optimal and innovative metal powder manufacturing technologies, as well as key peripheral technologies.

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