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Life SciencesDrug Development Project

Tohoku University School of Medicine, MIYATA Toshio, Professor

LeaderTohoku University School of Medicine, MIYATA Toshio, Professor

Project Objective

In cooperation with the Tohoku University Medicinal Hub, Tohoku University and companies bring IP and technology to the table, combine their capabilities, and create new drugs and other innovative solutions in the field of medicine.

*Tohoku University Medicinal Hub
Tohoku University’s Open Innovation Platform for Drug Development with participation from companies from various fields and universities outside of Japan.

Research Work

  • Drug repositioning leveraging compounds owned by pharmaceutical companies

    Drive drug repositioning research, in which the pharmaceutical company provides compounds and we search for new treatment applications. In addition to sponsor-initiated clinical trials, we also do investigator-initiated trials, making use of private investment and public funding.

  • Putting the university’s ideas, IP, and seeds into use

    We collect the ideas, IP, and seeds that exist in our university and aim to find applications for them. Some examples include identification of pathogenesis and drug targets, understanding of diseases based on clinical samples and validation of drug target candidates during the drug development process, development of treatments using new modalities, and development of assessment methods and technologies for supporting drug development research.

  • Development of innovative medical solutions based on interdisciplinary research in medicine, pharmaceutics, and engineering

    Researchers in engineering and medical engineering collaborate with researchers from the medical and pharmaceutical fields to further integrate their technologies and propose new medical solutions.

Drug Repositioning

Invention to Innovation


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